Author: Jody

This is a fusion of Spanish and Italian flavors. Common to both are the capers and olives. The corn is unique to Mexican cooking, but it blends well with the pasta. The pine nuts and the corn add a unique texture to the dish.

Serve with crusty bread.

Serves: 4


16 ounces, Farfalle (Bow Tie) Pasta
1 can, corn kernels (Niblets) – drained
4 garlic cloves – coarsely chopped
1 can, chopped tomatoes
4 tablespoons, parsley – chopped
24 green olives – halved
2 tablespoons, capers
1 cup, chicken broth
1 cup, prepared spaghetti sauce
3 tablespoons, extra virgin olive oil
1 cup, red wine
3 tablespoons, pine nuts
1 large, red pepper – ro
kosher salt – to taste
sugar – to taste
fresh ground black pepper – to taste


  1. Roast the red pepper over an open gas flame turning frequently. When blackened over most of its surface allow to cool and place in a sealed plastic bag. Let the pepper rest for a least 10 – 15 minutes.
  2. Toast pine nuts in a small Teflon pan and reserve.
  3. Start pasta water boiling. Add a bit of salt. When boiling add pasta.
  4. Heat extra virgin olive oil in large Teflon pan. When hot add garlic and saute 30 seconds. Do not allow garlic to overcook as it will become bitter. Add corn. Cook over high heat until all moisture disappears and corn begins to brown. Add chopped tomatoes. Cook until moisture disappears. Grind in some black pepper. Add parsley and wine and cook until liquid is reduced by half. Add a bit of sugar and taste. You want to get rid of any acidity. Add prepared spaghetti sauce and half of the chicken broth bring to a boil.
  5. Remove pepper from bag and rinse under cold water until all the black skin is removed. Cut off top of pepper and remove seeds. Slice into thin strips and add to sauce. Add the olives and capers and heat.
  6. When pasta is firm but not quite done, strain. Add most of the pasta (you have to judge the proportions, it will not take all of it) and the rest of the chicken broth and mix. The pasta will finish cooking and absorb the flavor of the sauce. Add pine nuts. Heat and toss.
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